The Eyes Have It

eyes1.jpgA multiple personality disorder, that is.  I would normally say my eyes are green, but here they look really blue. 

Do your eyes do this too? 

Or this more proof of my alien heritage?

4 responses to “The Eyes Have It

  1. funny – my eyes are very blue, but when I wear green, they turn a deep green color. When I wear blue AND green, they look swirled. I love them.

  2. Mine do! Mine do. Mine change colors depending on my mood. When I’m angry they get really dark, and when I’m happy they turn light grey, and when I’m cool with everything, they’re just blue.

  3. I freaking wish they did! You lucky girl!

  4. Alien.
    Definitely alien! 😉

    Thanks for the comment. I shall be adding you to my BlogRoll tonight when I get home!

    I will also explain the “nobody likes a dead cat” quote!


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