Free Pass

I got a wake up call from the Universe yesterday.  I had some medical tests run, and while some were much improved (my cholesterol and triglycerides are waaaaaaaaaay down.  Thank you, thank you very much.) others were baaaaaaad.  I am just barely on this side of the fence from something I dread like the plague: diabetes.  Diabetes sucks, my friends.  Not only because it turns you into a human pin cushion and lets you see way too much of your blood, up close and personal-like, but because it wrecks havoc on your body.  Your heart.  Your eyes.  Your kidneys.  Your circulation.  Your everything.

But hey, thank you God, I dodged that bullet.  I do not have diabetes.  Do you hear that Universe?  I am NON-DIABETIC.  Maybe just barely, but still, I am fighting that diagnosis for all I am worth.  I am worth a lot.  I am worth too much to too many people to have allowed my health to be compromised like this.  It’s not like I don’t know what to do, what to eat.  Did you read that super foods post?  I have this stuff down cold.  What I struggle with is my compulsion to eat decidedly non-super foods.  My remedy for every stress in my life, all my life, has been food.  I like to exercise and move, but when you are fat, you are ridiculed for exercising and moving, so no, I don’t exercise enough.  It is also not easy to lug this ginormous body around.  None of that matters.  Exercise and eating healthfully are no longer optional for me.  I am not starting on Monday, or on the first of the month, or after all the Easter candy is out of the house, I am starting now.  I have now started.  It is official.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go to the gym.

5 responses to “Free Pass

  1. At least you are on top of it, before it’s too late. Good luck and I’m sure everybody here will support you! Keep us updated!

  2. I’m so glad you dont have diabeties, my mom is always worrying about me, because she has it. She’s always wanting to prick my finger. Good luck and like Alyson said we’re all here to support you!!

  3. I am glad to hear you are not diabetic. My mom has been for years and the process of it all has ruined her kidneys.

    Good luck at the gym, I wlll be thinking of you. Hum, maybe I should go myself…

  4. Good for you! Let us know if we can help in any way!

  5. First lesson – think good positive thoughts about yourself and your body!!! This is so important! Second – if you need motivation – get in touch with me yo! I’m starting bootcamp on Monday and I might need some motivation, if so, I’m coming here! To you! Don’t ask me why! We don’t even know each other that well! But it’s nice to have a support system! Third – eat breakfast. Each and everyday. Good luck! Have a super duper time! Think positive!

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