Swan Song

They were my first words on this blog, “I just love blogs and read way too many of them.”  I loved them so much, and I loved writing so much, that I wanted to have my own.  I still love blogs, and writing more than ever, but I don’t want to have a blog any more.

Why?  Because I worry about my kids’ privacy, and their feelings.  Because, if I’m honest, unless a blog is 100% anonymous, it is almost a waste of time for me.  The minute one person whose opinion I value in real life starts to read, I start to censor myself.  I care too much about others’ opinions of me, its just how it is.  So between worrying about offending someone close to me, and writing sanitized-for-your-protection-drivel, it has become so much more time-consuming than it is worth to me.

I seem to have only so many words a day in me, and I have a fun new way I want to use them:  I want to write a book.  I have a plot and I have characters and I have my creative spark back and I am ready to get serious about giving my ideas some life.  I want to turn all of my writing attention to that.  I hope you will wish me luck and that you’ll be my first readers if/when it gets published.  I hope you’ll still be glad to see me when I continue to visit and comment on your blogs, which I plan to do.

One other bit of writing I want to do:  I have started notebooks that say, “Dear Lili” and “Dear Matt.”  I plan to write lots of (private) letters to my kids as a journal and a chronical of all their adventures and my adventure being their mama.  I just had a marvelous time with them this weekend, and it should make a great first entry. 

To all my friends in the computer, you have my heart.  Play nice.  Take advice from my dog, Hazel: Wag more, bark less.  Be happy.  Good-bye, farewell.  Amen.

21 responses to “Swan Song

  1. Oh Nooooooooooooooo! Don’t leave us! Just kidding, I will totally understand if you do, but I’ll miss you…

  2. I understand, but I will miss your writing tremendously. You will still come to visit, won’t you? If you need a proofreader for your book, I would love to apply!

  3. I understand completely, but… NOOOOOOOOOOO! Maybe it’s creepy of me but one of the things I love most about blogs is that for just a few minutes, you get a peek into someone else’s mind, their life, what they love and hate and strive for and fear. It’s fascinating. Yours was a particular joy to read because of your unique view of the world. I hope you guys stay safe and happy and I wish you the best.

  4. Well, that stinks for us. I wish you the BEST of Luck. You will be very missed.

  5. Ditto on what everyone else has said. I will miss reading your blog. Best of luck to you and your kids.

  6. Dang. I’m dissapointed. I hope you keep floating around the interwebs though.

  7. You’re totally kidding, right?

    Please say you are kidding.

  8. Mal,

    I’m going to miss coming to your blog. I understand your reasons, but wish it could be another way.

  9. I hope that you are kidding,Please say you kidding.

  10. If you are truly leaving from blogging I wish all the best. I look forward to you comments on my blog I will always treasure the I spent visiting you here.
    With this being said ‘I wish you a heartfelt Goodby!(swiped from Johnny Carson’s departure from the Tonight Show)

  11. Well, my dear, I have been wondering lately if I should do the same thing myself.

    They are valid reasons, all of ’em, but I will miss popping in here. I love your writing. Best wishes with the manuscript and with life!


  12. Good luck Mal. You’re wonderful. I’ll miss you.

  13. really?!? seriously?!?
    I will miss you incredibly, and miss the little moments of perspective I glean from this space. I trust you to reason well, but always welcome you to change your mind.
    love and hopes to connect again someday,

  14. Um, so, my feed reader hadn’t been picking you up for some time, so I got this post, but it immediately fed me, like, five more posts from you. So I thought you had taken it all back.


    I understand. I’m saddened, because the world will be just a bit dimmer without your words in it, but I understand. 🙂 Keep those kids close.

  15. Couldn’t we just maybe negotiate? How about one post per month? I miss you, chicita.

  16. I’m not sure how to get a hold of you so I’ll leave it here and hope for the best…

  17. Yes! I’ve talked to Hed a bit about us somehow getting together – should we make it larger then? Maybe we can all have dinner together somewhere or something?

    email me at chasmyn AT gmail DOT com and we can discuss.

  18. Hey Mal, just as I am re-entering the blogosphere! I will miss your musings. A girl has to do, what a girl has to do.

  19. I look forward to the day you do publish your book not if you do.and yes I’ll be happy to read it. Oh by the way if you do check back to see who else left you a comment,I change to a new “home’ I have a link to it on my old “home”

  20. I added an update post, complete with pictures… So drop in if you get the time… Miss you and your wonderful thoughts!

  21. For some reason your blog just came up in my feed reader. No new post, just your blog.

    I miss your blogging.

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