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Thursday Thirteen–Thirteen Things I Want To Do Before I Take The “Dirt Nap”

Everything that was ever created, was created twice: once in the realm of thought, and then in the realm of being.  The thought is the negative, and the creation is the photo.  The thought is the blueprint, the creation the building. 

As children of the Creator, we have inherited a creative nature.  We cannot not create.  Even if you decided to stay in bed with the covers over your head, you would still be creating.  What you would be creating is someone hiding under the covers.  In my opinion, your life is nothing to hide from!

It is a challenge to be awake to this power that you have, this power to create a life and decide who and what will come and go in it.  It is much easier to pretend that life is something that is happening to you, something that you don’t have much control over.  The only problem is that if you don’t steer the boat, you might not like where you end up!

We all know intellectually that our time is limited on this big blue planet, and yet, we dink around, wasting time and acting like we have forever.  Goals can help snap us out of that “someday” mode and help us gain clarity.  So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!  I’ll go first:

13.  To learn to play piano.  I used to have a piano and had to give it away when I moved in to take care of my parents, so I am just getting a good keyboard.  I read this book called Teach Yourself To Play Piano and it was actually starting to work, I could play, like two songs really well, with chords and melodies and everything.  Then it got to key changes and it got confusing, with diminishing and ascending chords, etc, so I gave up.  I want to try to tackle it again.

12.  To pick up a third language (and not lose the ones I have!)  I already speak Spanish fluently (or used to, I don’t get to practice much) and English (naturally.)  I will probably try French, because it is another Romance language, and because I started to take it in college but didn’t get past first year.  I might try German because ny daughter wants to take it in high school next year.  I will get a good refresher for my espanol as I am teaching my son, who is interested.

11.  To go back to being vegetarian, without all the cheating!  I try, but I cheat.  Gotta stop that.

10.  To walk a marathon.  The training is good for me, and I want to be able to say I did it.  Running is out of the question for me (bad knees) but I actually like walking a lot.  I will do this for my 40th birthday (if not sooner!)

9.  To act in a play or musical again.  I used to do this all through my child and teenage, and my inner ham misses it.

8.  To join a choir again.  Singing makes me happy.

7.  To decrease my “carbon footprint” and be more environmentally aware.  To be a part of the solution, and to be able to say that I did my part to save the planet that I love.

6.  To travel, to see the world and meet the people in it.  I am definitely going to visit New York City next year, and Europe two years later.

5.  To become a Nurse Practitioner.  I want to be a part of people’s healing; I want to alleviate suffering if I can.

4.  To write a book.  Hopefully, lots of books.  If it is a book that actually gets read, even better!

3.  To learn to handle and accumulate money.  To stop wasting money on piddly things that don’t matter, so I can have a good retirement, and send my kids to college.

2.  To achieve my goal of being fit and healthy.  I was my ideal weight at birth, and I have never been there again.  I have no idea of what it is like to have a fit, healthy body that can do things easily.  I don’t even remember what it is like to wake up and not be in pain.  Seeing my mom suffer, and how we suffered right along with her, I don’t ever want to go there.  Therefore, I am working toward “going to health” every day. 

1.  To be a great mother.  This is my most sacred assignment, and the one that humbles me and fills me with guilt and gratitude.  I have the privilege to be called “Mom” by two amazing people.  I want to give them the tools they will need to be happy in life: confidence, compassion, a positive outlook, common sense, good morals, resiliency, an ability to laugh at life and at themselves, and a safe place to fall.  I want them to always know that I am their biggest fan and there is nothing they could ever do to make me love them any less.  I want to be the mom they deserve.