Want some free jewelry?

I pink puffy heart this site and order way to much from them.  I am not saying that I’m cheap (oh yes I am, out of necesity mostly) but I love a good kid’s birthday present that is under $10.  Under $6 is even better! My rule is that it has to look more expensive, so people don’t realize how cheap it was what a good bargain shopper I am!  I have been giving this jewelry to my daughter’s friends since they were about 8, always to ooohs and ahhhs and “you shouldn’t have”s and now that she is a teen, they still like it.  I order extra for the present closet because no one seems to give you any dang notice that they are having a party anymore.  Why is that?  Anyway, check this out, if you wanna.

3 responses to “Want some free jewelry?

  1. Hey how did u get to post ads? do u get paid for it? give me the 411!

  2. Oh wow is that site for real! Its awesome!

  3. I have “bought” lots of stuff from them. Seriously, all you pay is shipping. I lurve them. And yes, they have an affiliate program. Just go to their site and click on it. It is easy to post an ad–just copy the code. Be sure to put me as the one who referred you. ;D

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